This post contains SPOILERS for the episode and previous ones. There also might be possible minor spoilers for future episodes.


  • This episode starts with Bruce and he’s trying to face his fears (or something) by holding his hand over a candle and seeing how long he can do it for. Luckily Alfred steps in and we’re eventually presented with a scene between Alfred and Bruce in which the former tells the latter that he’s a “stupid little boy” before realising that in fact Bruce is just trying to deal with everything that’s happened, resulting in a hug and Alfred instead reassuring him. (Alfred being a Dad is my favourite thing).

  • Next we move onto Selina, and honestly the most important thing to point out in this scene is that one of the homeless kids, Mackey, calls Selina “Cat” and while that happens a few times in future episodes, the nickname is now no longer used. (Although watching these early episodes again I’ve found myself calling Selina “Cat” on occasion).
  • And then there’s the creepy couple. Oh boy, and they don’t get any less creepy as the episode progresses. They did make some pretty awesome one-time villains though, and they’re also connected to a later villain (the Dollmaker). One of the most amusing and saddest bits about this first scene is the bit where Mackey runs away and the man of the couple, Doug, chases him down and grabs him outside a restaurant, nobody notices the struggle until Mackey is thrown through the restaurant window.


  • Cue the body of the homeless man that was killed by the couple being found, Selina watching Jim from afar, corrupt cops, and Harvey having to break up a fight (and seemingly getting angry over dropping his coffee in the process) before we move to the GCPD where we see that Mackey is still alive!
  • Harvey Bullock changes a lot over the course of the show, but at this point he is very much a hot head and we see that in this moment with the way he goes off on one against Mackey in order to get him to talk. We also witness more of the growing tension between Harvey and Jim, and I will say that their relationship continues to be one of my favourites within the show.
  • Remember Oswald killing that man at the end of the first episode? Well, he’s back at it again. The first we see of him he’s been walking along the side of the road trying to hitch a ride. Eventually he’s picked up by two guys, and I’d say that it was really no surprise that Oswald killed one of them (and kidnaps the other). First they keep driving away a little whenever Oswald tries to get in the car, and then they’re not exactly nice to him once they do allow him inside the car. The final straw is when one of them mentions that he walks like a Penguin. There’s no excuse for Oswald straight up murdering someone for these reasons, but this is Gotham and he is a (future) villain so you can kind of see where this mind was.


  • Edward Nygma makes my heart grow three sizes every time he’s on screen, especially this early on. Also, let’s appreciate the fact that he was incredibly smiley and didn’t seem to realise that he’d overstayed his welcome.
  • Carmine Falcone is one of those interesting villains, mostly because you sometimes forget how much of a bad guy he can really be. This is a common thread, even in future episodes, sometimes he doesn’t come across as being all that bad, but you really wouldn’t want to underestimate him. The way he talks to, and deals with, Fish in this episode is an example of that. Also, can we note Fish trying to hold in her emotions the entire time, and her obvious urge to cry, but refusing to. It’s one of the earliest examples to prove that Fish isn’t as cold-hearted as she would like to make out.
  • Introducing Gertrud Kapelput: gentle, kind, beautiful woman. She’s Oswald’s mother and is one of the few good people in Gotham. At this point we mostly get a glimpse at her and how she seems to be unaware of the kind of work Oswald does and who he is associated with.
  • Butch and Fish scenes are some of the best in early Gotham.

Fish: But I swear, Butch on my sainted mother’s grave, someday
soon I am gonna kill that old man with my bare hands and my teeth.
Butch: I’ll be holding your shoes.

  • Two people have pointed out that Jim killed Oswald now, and Jim continues to look mildly annoyed about it. Also the second time it’s brought up (by Fish) Oswald is off buying a trailer then trying and failing to get a ransom for the boy he kidnapped.
  • Barbara tipping off the press about the homeless kids being kidnapped his probably one of my favourites of her. It’s short, but there’s so much to love about it.
  • Harvey: Seriously, you gotta control your woman.
    Jim: I kind of like her the way she is.
  • Some notes about Harvey and Jim’s investigation of the pharmacy:
    • Is everyone in Gotham just strange and/or off putting? Or maybe it’s just because we, the audience, know, but the woman (Patti) is so off putting and kind of obvious in that scene but it doesn’t seem to send off too many red flags with Jim or Harvey.
    • The fact that the man working there was trying to alert them about the creepy couple, but Harvey continued to not quite catch what he was trying to do, was hilarious to me.
    • Jim, after being mildly infuriated that people were bringing up his killing of Oswald, got to save all the children. Even if meant shooting a man and watching him fall down a seemingly deep hole to his death. (I mean, he kind of had it coming).
  • Alfred admitting he doesn’t know how to be a parent, but not giving up anyway is a beautiful thing.
  • Selina continues to be one of the best characters on the show. First we get to see her handle what is quite frankly a horrible situation, outsmart the creepy couple, and then continue to use her powers of persuasion (and manipulation) to make sure she gets to stay on the streets of Gotham rather than be taken away.
  • Oswald’s “I guess I’m going to have to make the most out of an unfortunate situation” smile when the mother of the kidnapped boy believes it to be a hoax.


Overall this episode managed to follow on well from the previous one, and opened up doors for what could or might happen during episode 3. If you’ve seen the episode, and have any opinions or other comments, please feel free to leave them down below!