This post contains SPOILERS for the episode and previous ones. There also might be possible minor spoilers for future episodes.


  • You know it’s going to be a wild ride when the episode starts off with a man being pulled into the air by a giant weather balloon.
  • Introducing Bill Cranston, another (extreme) example of corruption within law enforcement in Gotham. For a second I thought he was going to get away, but then he was pulled into the air by the balloon and it was the most satisfying thing.

  • Jim continues to try and be a good guy and it results in him being left in a sewer while Selina runs off. To be fair to them both Selina did give him some kind of information on the Wayne murders, and he was going to let her leave at some point. So really everything worked out in the end, kind of.
  • Oswald kills a guy and uses his money to buy a tuna fish sandwich. You know, penguins eat fish and all that.
  • Bruce and Alfred’s sword fight practice was great for a number of reasons. 1) Bruce seems to genuinely be having some fun, 2) it allows Bruce to gain a skill and instead of testing himself in harmful ways, he’s doing it in a safe (and supervised) way, 3) we get to see more of that bond between the two of them.


  • Montoya and Allen are still leaning on Jim, and although their constant going after Jim can get slightly annoying, it’s fine because both Montoya and Allen are interesting characters.
  • Oswald kills a man for his shoes so that he can get a job at a restaurant. Twice in one episode, our boy is busy.
  • The process of Alfred ongoing concern for Bruce. You get to see, like with most adaptations, that he cares for him like Bruce was his own.
  • The montage of Harvey and Jim trying to get information is one of my favourites. It’s a shame really that Gotham doesn’t do more like it. Also, their fight a little later in that apartment is comical and shows a slither of improvement with their relationship.


Although you mostly see that improvement later with Jim grabbing a hold of the suspect as the balloon pulls them both into the air. Harvey shooting the balloon down, despite wanting the suspect to be taken away by it, in order to save Jim could be down to the simple fact that Jim is his partner, but it seems to be that Harvey cares, even just a little. At the very least it shows that Harvey isn’t as bad as he seems.

  • One thing Oswald is incredible at is planning and making the most of every situation. When he meets Maroni at the restaurant he’s working at he makes the most of it. And, as you’ll see more of later, it links in with how good he is at thinking ahead.
  • It’s funny that Fish orders her men to dispose of Lazlo when she seemed visibly upset in the previous episode when Falcone had him beaten. It goes to show that she might care, but you shouldn’t take advantage of that or let your guard down.
  • Here we get more of that glimpse into Barbara’s past through her interactions with Montoya. I have to admit I didn’t appreciate Barbara as much as I should have done the first time around, but now I can’t get enough of her scenes.


  • A woman gets crushed by a man who fell from a great height because the weather balloon carrying him popped. Only in Gotham.

There weren’t too many different things happening in this episode. We had Alfred and Bruce, Jim and Harvey (and the Balloonman), Fish and Falcone, and Oswald and Maroni with some other minor things. We’re quite early in the season so at this point a lot of story lines are only just starting. With around 22 episodes per season Gotham has the luxury of taking it’s time with building things up.

We did get that final scene with Oswald showing up at Jim’s so there’s that to look forward to in episode 4.