This post contains SPOILERS for the episode and previous ones. There also might be possible minor spoilers for future episodes.

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  • That entire scene with Jim, Barbara, and Oswald was the most awkward yet hilarious things. Barbara and Oswald is a relationship, that even to this day, I would like to see more of.
  • Oswald being slammed against the wall by Jim. Honestly that entire scene, any scene with them in fact, is just golden. They have such a great dynamic.
  • That weapon the assassin, Richard Gladwell, used was both badass and extremely gross.
  • Fish interviewing girls to be her secret weapon starts off one of the more interesting story lines of the season, and even of this episode. We get a real introduction to Liza, the girl who gets the job of being the secret weapon, and it’s hard not to fall in love with her, or at least to be intrigued.

  • Aubrey James gives me the creep, but he’s the mayor so I guess that means Jim has to save his life.
  • Bruce lost his dad, but managed to gain two (Jim and Alfred).
  • This is our first glimpse at Arkham Asylum and at this point it’s been shut down, but we’ll see plenty of Arkham as the show progresses. As this stage it’s strange to see it abandoned (even if it’s only from the outside or being told about it).
  • Jim’s theory on the deaths being down to Maroni vs Falcone brings back that whole mob boss/gangster story line that season 1 has going on without even having to physically show you both characters or having them share screen time.

Ed: I have a paradox for you.
Harvey: What?
Ed: Well, a paradox, detective, is when you-
Harvey: I know what a paradox is, smart-ass. What paradox?

  • The way Ed puts emphasis on certain words when talking to Jim and Harvey about what he’s found.

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  • Even though you know Jim isn’t going to die, that moment where he almost finds Gladwell hiding.
  • The bit where Harvey and Jim walk in with their guns raised and the woman stealing the paper clips cries and runs for her life.
  • Bruce having a nightmare and the adorable way Alfred tries to make light of situation and make Bruce feel better.
  • Oswald hiding in the fridge with the money. The fact that not long after he’s rewarded by Maroni and gives that look once Maroni and Frankie Carbone leave, just adds to the fact that Oswald rarely does anything unless it can benefit himself in some way.

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  • The fact that Barbara and Jim fighting a little isn’t even the worst of what’s to come for them is just horrible and sad to think about.
  • Harvey and Fish is another one of those under appreciated dynamics within this show.
  • That fight between Liza and the other girl was so hardcore. I’m not even being sarcastic, the fact that Liza thinks fighting for the job is stupid, but then fights anyway when it means defending herself just paints a pretty clear picture of the kind of person she is.

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  • There goes Jim with his inspirational speeches to spur Bruce on to be a good person and the future Batman.
  • Oswald killed people by being nice and offering some food. I mean, the boy is nothing but efficient.

Gotham is definitely a show that needs to be watched more than once because you end up appreciating everything so much more.