This post contains SPOILERS for the episode and previous ones. There also might be possible minor spoilers for future episodes.


  • Bruce being a little investigator was a little concerning, but also incredibly adorable. Also, the fact that Alfred goes from being mostly concerned and feeling like it might prove a waste of time, to actually sitting down with Bruce at the end was interesting and felt like a big step in their relationship. It’s clear they had one prior to the Wayne murders, but now it’s just the two of them so that relationship is obviously going to shift and develop.
  • Oswald being as sneaky as ever.
  • “Don’t vex me, mortal.”
  • Jim trusting Harvey when it comes to how he has his lunch.
  • In fact just the entire lunch scene. The way Selina just slides in and still manages to get away despite Jim noticing. And Harvey shouting about how it’s lunch – “Jim! Come on, it’s lunchtime. Relax. It’s lunchtime. No, Jim. We’re on our- It’s, it’s lunch! Oh, brother.”

  • Jim and Harvey get pushed away by that guy, Benny.
  • Benny lifting up the ATM and being crushed by it was gross, but also sickeningly fascinating at the same time.
  • Ed being amused by the chaos at the GCPD and jumping back when that woman tries to go for him. Also Ed being fascinated when the same woman crumbles just like Benny did.

edward nygma gotham 1x05.png

  • Oh, the days when people used to think Wayne Enterprises couldn’t be involved with something criminal.
  • Oswald getting his head slammed into the table. He was pretty smart in how he’s handled things, but that moment was just the start of a lot more occasions where Oswald gets physically hurt. Although the beatings he gets in this episode do end up paying off in the end.
  • The scene where Jim is brought in by Maroni was surprisingly intense. The fact that Oswald was going to be seriously injured if Jim told a different story was kind of worrying, because I honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if Oswald had altered the facts a little.

oswald cobblepot and maroni 1x05.png

  • Fish training Liza is both the strangest and most compelling thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Jim and Harvey always seem to be getting into fights and having to stop each other from getting killed.
  • Bruce trying to find out if there’s anything shady with Wayne Enterprises and then something shady goes down.
  • Oswald’s information being correct and them pulling off the heist was a relief. There was always a more likely chance that it would work because Oswald is generally good at these kind of things, but seeing how worried he was made you, a viewer, worried.
  • Was it ever really a surprise that Fish and Nikolai were sleeping together?
  • Liza’s first appearance after she starts her work as Fish’s secret weapon is such a surprise because it’s so different. Everything from the way she presents herself to her fashion sense to the colours she wears. Her first interaction with Falcone is very intriguing though because of course we know that she’s using him, but you still wonder how or where this is going to go.


Considering I didn’t have as much to say on this episode, it is one that I really enjoy. As always feel free to talk to me about the episode below!