This post contains SPOILERS for the episode and previous ones. There also might be possible minor spoilers for future episodes.


  • The flashback to Harvey and his previous partner was interesting because not only do we get some back story on Harvey, but we also get to see that he was actually quite different. He seems a lot less corrupt and hot headed, in fact, I would say he’s more like Jim.
  • I loved Ed and Harvey’s interactions in this episode. The way Ed asks if Harvey is okay, and although yes, Harvey is still very short with Ed, it’s mostly down to his personal connection with the case. When you use that to explain him being abrupt, he’s actually less mean to Ed in these moments. It’s not a turning point by any means, it’s just different, and that makes this interaction interesting.

  • The introduction of Kristen Kringle! A character who unfortunately was not explored or used as well as she should have been, but nonetheless Chelsea Spack plays her incredibly well and she’s a pretty great character.
  • Her whole interaction with Ed is the first we’ve seen, but it’s clear something has happened beforehand. The whole situation is a little awkward, a little all over the place, and a lot goes down that you come up with a million different theories and backstories based on it.

kristen kringle gotham 1x06.png

  • Oswald finally going to see his mother. She’s clearly a little overprotective of him, and these interactions only continue to confirm that she has no idea the kind of things he’s involved in.
  • Harvey interacting with his old partner. It was obviously a hard thing for him, but it was also sweet to know that he hadn’t stayed away the entire time, that in fact he’s paying the bills so that his partner can continue to stay where he is and be taken care of.
  • Ed’s question mark mug.


  • Selina sneaking into Bruce’s house. The first of many. Although he’s sometimes awake when it happens later on.
  • The Oswald bathtub scenes is the strangest and can only be fully appreciated if you watch it for yourself.
  • Barbara willing to runaway and leave Gotham if it means she and Jim can stay together. She deserves the world to be honest.
  • Jim being arrested but then Oswald showing up at the GCPD was so extra. Like, did Oswald time that? Because things were just starting to get heated up and then he walks in and does his dramatic “I, am Oswald Cobblepot” and that only makes things more heated. Totally Oswald’s style.

Things I appreciate the most about this episode was that we got more insight into Harvey, and everyone finally knows that Oswald is alive.

Also Gotham’s inability to be subtle.