This post contains SPOILERS for the episode and previous ones. There also might be possible minor spoilers for future episodes.

oswald cobblpot gotham 1x07.png

  • The dramatic moment of Oswald walking down the street with those two body guards behind him.
  • Fish getting angry because Oswald is still alive and Butch rushing in to see if she’s okay (these two!!!).
  • Harvey wanting to shoot Jim, but Jim disarming him.
  • Protect Barbara even if she, in later seasons, ends up being able to defend herself just fine.
  • Jim “I’m a good guy but I will shoot you and elbow you in the face if you threaten my girlfriend’s life again” Gordon.
  • Jim walking into the GCPD and getting back to work like nothing happened.

  • Falcone seems to really like chickens.
  • Jim’s master plan to arrest everyone including the Mayor and Falcone. The fact that Harvey later helps him was so great especially after everything that happened.

victor zsasz gotham 1x07.png

  • Victor Zsasz, another one of those amazing yet under appreciated characters. The most annoying thing about this one though is that he has a lot of presence in this episode, but then is rarely used in the future. Everyone (the cast, crew, fans, etc) seem to really love him and genuinely enjoy when he’s on screen and yet he still hasn’t had decent screen time or a proper story in a long time.

“Alive is a very broad category.
A man with no hands can still be alive.”

  • I actually felt sorry for poor Jimbo when all the cops left. At least Essen was willing to stay behind before he told her she should leave too, and even then she seems reluctant.
  • The entire shootout at the GCPD was so dramatic just like everything else in Gotham.
  • Montoya and Allen coming to save Jim’s ass because they feel sorry for what they did. Also them being willing to take over the Wayne murder case for Jim so that he can still keep his promise to Bruce. (That Bruce and Jim hug!)
  • Jim looking nothing but confused when he wakes up.

jim gordon gotham 1x07.png

  • The bit where they arrest Aubrey James is just hilarious “jumping catfish”.
  • When the Barbara, Victor Zsasz, and arresting everyone comes together.  The fact that Barbara was willing to plead for Jim’s life, and Zsasz’s Funky Town ringtone.
  • Liz saying “None for you, creep.” to Zsasz when he mentions how good the muffins look.
  • Aubrey’s “Whoa, hello. Um, late for work. Quite an adventure. I’ll be on my way.” when Falcone starts talking about possibly killing Jim, Barbara, and Harvey.
  • Oswald looking through the window as Fish talks to Maroni. In fact just Oswald in general, especially that bit where Fish hits him and leaves marks on his face. But even though our boy does get slapped real hard, he still manages to own this episode. He pulls off a big hit for Maroni, and he manages to get rid of both Nikolai and Frankie.

“When you know what a man loves,
you know what can kill him.”

  • Butch stopping by the Nuns and then chaining them together across the road to stop Maroni’s truck from passing through. “Hey, Sisters. How’s it hanging?”
  • Falcone and Maroni meeting on the docks. Maroni is more obviously a villain and he’s pretty much a loose canon. There’s no denying that he’s someone to be feared, but Falcone is more subtle, you sometimes forget, and just like Fish (and others) you mistake him to be a weak, old man who doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore.

gotham 1x07.png

  • Harvey showing up drunk to Jim’s place with a girl.
  • I really like the relationship/dynamic between Falcone and Liza and it’s painful because we, the audience, know that she’s there (originally) to be a weapon against Falcone for Fish.
  • I don’t even care, the reveal that Oswald is actually working for Falcone is one of the best twists in television history.
  • Last of all let’s appreciate that Oswald used his pull with Falcone to spare Jim’s life.

This episode is probably one of my favourites of the entire show. Especially with the introduction of Zsasz, the big turning point in Jim and Harvey’s relationship, and the twist with Oswald at the end.