It feels good to be back, unfortunately it’s not for very long. We’re only back for 3 episodes (11, 12, and 13), and it’s back on hiatus for about 3 months. It sucks to have another break, but let’s enjoy Lucifer while we still have it.


Episode 11, Stewardess Interruptus, was a pretty strong episode to come back on. It had a decent story line and case of the week. This time around Lucifer has a stalker and people he’s slept with are being killed off. At least that’s what we think at first. I thought it was a great addition, but I’m kind of glad it wasn’t the stalker that was the killer, and in fact it was just a coincidence that Lucifer happened to sleep with the two victims.

It seems that they mostly did the false lead in order to be able to fit in a (side) story in which Lucifer is trying to prove that he really does like Chloe, isn’t sleeping with anyone else, and can be a good romantic partner. Making the case seem to be about him allowed his past relationships to come to light.

This let Chloe know a lot about him, but mostly that he never buys the woman he only wants to have sex with dinner, suggesting that because he put in the effort with Chloe she meant more to him than just sex. Not only that, but it also showed Lucifer that the relations he’d had with all the woman and men being interviewed were a lot less meaningful than he first thought.

The whole thing pushes them even closer together. It makes Lucifer realise that it doesn’t matter what he wants or if he can be a good romantic partner, it’s also up to what Chloe wants, and he firmly believes that she could do much better. It also allows Chloe to see that perhaps she should open her mind to the idea that she and Lucifer might actually work out despite being different.

Although you knew from the start they were bound to get together, the kiss on the beach felt more satisfying after their separate struggles on whether it would actually work or not.

lucifer morningstar chloe decker lucifer beach 2x11.png

And although we got to see it help with their relationship the case never felt out of place. I’m incredibly happy it wasn’t the stalker, although that really would have been a twist. She was a great character for the episode, and I highly doubt she’ll show up again, but it would be funny (and really cool) if she did.

In terms of other things that helped Lucifer and Chloe’s story there’s Charlotte and Amenadiel. They’re both clearly trying to do what they can in order to get back to Heaven, so of course there’s a lot of lying. It’s clear Charlotte is lying through her teeth about how she was wrong and Chloe is good enough, but I don’t think it’s as clear with Amenadiel. Like Charlotte says in the episode, he should to use the truth and then Lucifer will believe. That suggests that everything Amenadiel said was based in some kind of fact and that he meant at least some of what he’s saying. That makes it all the more heartbreaking because when Lucifer finds out they’re using his and Chloe’s relationship to get back to Heaven he’ll feel betrayed. Hopefully Amenadiel decides to come clean sooner rather than later.

lucifer 2x11.png

Also, talking about Heaven. What has to happen exactly between Chloe and Lucifer? And what happens next? Will Chloe find out the truth about Lucifer and everything else? Will something more tragic happen? These questions, and more, are ones I don’t expect to get answers to any time soon. The season is longer this time around, but they are ones that will hopefully start to be answered this season. We finally know some of what’s up with Chloe, but not in it’s entirety. We don’t know what being the key to Heaven really entails so we really need that answered. And when that gets answered, most likely others will be answered along side it.

Other good things that happened that weren’t Lucifer, Chloe, or necessarily the case:

  • Linda and Maze. That moment in Linda’s office was just perfect. It showed how comfortable they are around each other, and the fact that when Maze spoke about how awesome she was a little later in the episode, it was down to what Linda had said to her.
  • That Chloe, Maze and Trixie moment. It was small, but I love all three of these characters and they really need to share more screen time.
  • Maze working the case with them. From talking to Dan at the bar to cornering the man in the hotel room and making sure he couldn’t leave.
  • The drugs that weren’t drugs. Whatever was almost lost is clearly something that doesn’t want to be messed with, and we have a new mysterious figure, who seems to be this seasons big bad. I’ll be interested to see where that goes, and if this figure will only be in these 3 episodes or the rest of the season.

mazikeen linda lucifer 2x11.png

Like I said, this was a pretty good episode. The fact that it’s only back for 3 episodes seems to be a scheduling thing (Gotham is also only back on Fox for 3 weeks before going on hiatus again), but it could be a great way to split up story arcs. If we’re lucky perhaps we’ll find out what Chloe being the key and getting back to Heaven really entails during these 3, and then the aftermath will be in the rest of the season when it comes back.

Although I doubt we’ll ever see Heaven, it would be interesting to find out more about it in this world of Lucifer.

On a side note, I missed seeing Ella. I appreciate that they tend to only include characters if they’re really needed as opposed to just shoehorning them in, but I did miss her so hopefully she makes an appearance in 12 or 13. Other than that I’m really excited to see where they go, Lucifer has never let me down yet so I have faith that it’ll continue to impress.