This post contains SPOILERS for the episode and previous ones. There also might be possible minor spoilers for future episodes.


  • The weird office fight opening, which just gets weirder and creepier when you find out they’re fighting to get a job.
  • Harvey spilling his coffee on himself, in fact, just that whole entire bit at the crime scene. The way Ed asks if he should run the print on the finger from the victim’s mouth as well. Something I will always cherish are the interactions between Jim, Harvey, and Ed.
“Sneaky little buggers.”
  • Oswald taking the woman’s broach, and then the whole scene where he gives it to Fish as a present. In fact, that whole scene is just really interesting. Even here Oswald is pretty good at what he’s doing, but he still clearly has a lot to learn (he has a lot of development in handling these situations as the show goes on). One thing I really loved is that when Fish stabs him in the hand, of course he’s struggling to not lash out, but he still manages to keep the two men with him at bay and stay as calm as possible throughout. He still could have handled it all a little better, but this early on in the show, it’s still a pretty solid start and you can see a lot of potential within Oswald.

  • Bruce going to school and trying to find any argument not to go. It’s probably the most teenagery thing he’s ever done, but even in this moment he still comes across as much older than he actually he is.
  • The conversation between Essen and Harvey is interesting for multiple reasons. You can see the change in Harvey and Jim’s relationship, we get to know how the GCPD cops feel about leaving Jim alone with Zsasz, and we get to see that although Essen was told to leave by Jim, she still feels partially guilty, even if no one blames her because at least she was willing to stay.


  • Oswald and his mother. She clearly dotes on him, and it’s also very clear that Oswald loves his mother more than anything. It always seems like there’s more to Gertrud, and it’s not only evident here. It’s the same for their relationship in general. After seeing episodes of this show multiple times, I definitely say it’s one of those relationships you should really pay attention to the first time, partly because it’s important, but also because it’s just generally really interesting.
  • The doctor knocking that guy out because he kept asking for something to help with the pain.
  • Jim doing everything in his power to be the good guy is always so funny and tragic at the same time.
  • Knowing what’s to come just makes watching Barbara’s scene so much more tragic, and makes you care even more than you might have done before.
“Forensic examination by Edward Nygma. The room is approximately 19 degrees celsius. I ate half a cranberry muffin earlier, saving the rest for later. […] What do a dead man, a cruise ship, and an emu have in common? [holds the mic to the corpse] Correct. Nothing.”
  • Also: “Your loss. You sloppy ignoramus.”
  • Liza clearly having doubts about playing Falcone.
  • I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve seen it before, but it’s so obvious that it was the boss guy behind it all. And by that, I mean obvious to us, the audience, because we saw him with the mask on talking to the next lot of fighters, not Harvey and Jim (or other characters) because they haven’t seen the man in the mask yet.
  • Bruce hitting that kid for talking about his mother. Although it gets much better when Alfred takes Bruce to the kid’s house and then stands by and watches while Bruce gets in a few good hits.
“He tried to kill me.”
“That’s right. He did. He tried to kill you. Just you remember that next time you see him. And you remember that I let him try.”
  • Oswald casually eating that apple while he watches a man get beat up.
  • The scene with Ed coming into Essen’s office, and others like it, always reminds me of whenever Cory Michael Smith talks about how Ed just has lots of information to give. In this particular scene he just looks really excited to tell them that the crime took place in an office, and even when it comes up that they already knew that, he has more information and so his excitement continues.
  • Jim getting roped into fighting. I like how he did fight, but he seemed to avoid actually killing, even towards the end when he could have stepped aside and let Essen shoot, but instead Jim just knocks the guy out.

edward nygma harvey bullock gotham 1x08.png

  • Harvey standing up for Jim and making the cops help in the search to find him. I love seeing all of these moments this early on where Harvey is defending Jim or show him some support.
  • Oswald and Fish can both be very manipulative and cold, but that’s what makes them interesting and why they work so well as a pair, even if it is from opposing sides.
  • The way Selina is casually sitting there and smiles as Jim approaches.
  • Bruce saying he enjoyed hitting that kid and how he feels angry all the time is interesting. Mostly because of something that takes place in season 3 episode 14, so for that reason I’m not going to talk about it, but let’s just say, this mindset in Bruce is explored and does carry on.

It feels so good to be back on my rewatch of Gotham again. There’s no new episodes, anywhere in the world, until at least the end of April, so hopefully these reviews will all be posted by then.