This post contains SPOILERS.

harvey dent gotham 1x09.png

  • I appreciate that when Selina says she hungry and disappears to the kitchen, she later comes back with milk.
  • This prisoner transport is clearly a big deal, but I don’t remember any of it from my previous watch of Gotham.
  • Bruce is so sophisticated and that doesn’t change as the show goes on either. In fact, he just becomes more sophisticated.
  • Bruce and Selina’s first meeting! I had admittedly forgotten what it was like. It was adorable and to be honest, not too much has changed, only now in the series (season 3) they’re definitely a lot closer and more used to each other.
  • “Everyone calls me Cat.” I wish they still did.

  • The introduction of Harvey Dent. Gotham is pretty good at doing introductions and I really do love his.
  • I really appreciate that moment where Harvey is in front of the projector and half of his face is completely in shadow. Gotham has never been subtle, especially in season 1, when it comes to foreshadowing and hinting to who these characters will become.
  • Bruce and Alfred training is extra adorable at this point in the show because Bruce has next to no skill going for him. Not only was the whole thing sweet, but it was funny, especially when they became aware of Selina watching them.
  • Oswald being sneaky and going through Liza’s apartment, and narrowly missing her twice.
  • I like to grab scenes between Butch and Fish with both hands because they’re always good and their relationship is incredibly interesting.
  • Oswald showing up, he really does have impeccable time, or terrible timing, depending on how you look at it.

“Man, that dude’s creepy.”

  • Ed scaring the crap out of Bullock and then proceeding to freak out over video games will forever be one of the best scenes. There was also a surprising moment where Bullock compliments Ed. They do have an interesting relationship, one I would always like to see more of.
  • It was when Bullock and Jim found the prisoner that I remembered why he was so important to the story.
  • Selina and Bruce talking about their parents was a really sad but also wonderful moment. Seeing Selina’s hope about her mother really broke my heart a little, but the mood lightens a lot when she teases Bruce about whether or not he’s kissed a girl and if he wants to.
  • Selina giving Bruce tough love. She’s not wrong and it’s interesting to see all the different influences that will someday turn Bruce to a person capable of becoming Batman.
  • I sometimes want to cry over season 1 Ed. That scene in the lab where he was answering the questions and testing explosives was so cute.
  • I couldn’t stop laughing when the Final Countdown started playing right before the bomb went off.
  • Bruce and Selina’s adorable little food fight, and Alfred smiling when he sees that Bruce is having fun.
  • Oswald going back to Liza’s apartment, but this time talking to her. He really is smarter than people give him credit for, and I do appreciate that Liza did try to hold her own in the situation for as long as possible.
  • At this point, we get the start of Arkham Asylum. Something we see a lot more of as the show goes on.
  • We then have the reveal that Barbara is staying with Montoya. Something that I don’t remember being too shocking back when I first watched it either.