This post contains SPOILERS.

  • The appearance of Lesley-Ann Brandt as Larissa Diaz/Copperhead which I appreciate a whole lot more now that I’ve seen Lucifer. In that, she has a main role and so seeing her again in Gotham, I found myself even more excited. That’s not to say her character isn’t interesting because she certainly is. She’s one of those characters that perhaps should have been in the show a lot longer, or at least made more appearances.

gotham bruce wayne 1x10.png

  • Bruce continuing his training and Selina helping him. I love their interactions because she clearly likes to help him and doesn’t mind doing it, but at the same time, she loves to tease him. Also, this is one of many occasions where Bruce puts his foot in it and says the wrong thing.
  • Alfred going from sweet, caring person who just wants to help to total badass in just a few seconds. I appreciate.
  • Jim is always trying to do the right thing. It never works out.
“Yeah, well, you were wrong, weren’t you, you plank?” – Alfred Pennyworth.
  • Oswald and Falcone’s meeting. This is one of those occasions, and at this point, we have seen a couple, where Oswald seems a little in over his head and like he might not get away with it.

  • We once again meet Mackey, who you might remember as one of the homeless kids from episode 2. I love how once again Bullock thinks he can beat the truth out of Mackey (whether he would or not is another question) and all the while you have Alfred just quietly putting money on the table to get him to talk.
  • Selina wanting to hang out with Bruce a little longer, but instead of just saying it, she makes him feel like a target. I love it.
  • Cue one of my favourite scenes. I love the way it’s filmed when Bruce chases after Selina and jumps across the rooftops to prove himself. The way it goes slow motion and you can hear Bruce’s breathing and it’s all echo-y. It’s just wonderful to watch each time.
“You want to hang with me, that’s cool, but my world, my rules. You do what I say.” – Selina Kyle.
  • Butch and Fish interactions are something I’ll never get over. He would clearly do anything for her, and it never seems like a money thing or a fear thing, but simply because he cares about her and wants to help.
  • Fish and Alfred meeting makes me so sad that we don’t really see them together again. They play off each other so well and really they’re from completely different worlds. They’re both interesting and honestly, there should have been more.
  • Bruce in casual clothes. That’s it.
  • Bruce and Ivy meeting for the first time. I couldn’t help but laugh, especially when he and Selina are leaving and she tells him to keep moving.
  • The whole showdown at Lovecraft’s place always goes down a lot better than I expect. With that big open window I half expect a shot to come flying through and take Lovecraft out that way, but it’s obvious, and luckily that doesn’t happen. The scene isn’t too much and of course, Jim isn’t exactly a match for trained assassins, so it closes up fairly quickly.
  • That whole scene with Clyde got real creepy, real fast.
  • Bruce and Selina working together to try and escape. I also like how they ended up not going out the window but resulted to using it as a distraction.
“Am I the only one in this damn town who waits for backup?!” – Harvey Bullock.
  • Alfred running in all guns blazing to find and protect Bruce.
  • Bruce running to distract some of the assassins. It’s always great to see his bravery grow. I like how he didn’t start the series by jumping straight into action. He has his moments here and there, but mostly he’s unprepared and will have to work hard to become anything like what he needs to be to become Batman.
  • Bruce letting Selina go. In fact, that whole moment with Larissa Diaz and Bruce was really interesting and another big reason why I wish she was in it more.
  • The whole Bruce and Alfred reuniting scene. The way that Bruce stands up and tries to act like it was no big deal, which really it wasn’t, Bruce handled himself amazingly, but that hug at the end said it all. It’s no secret that Alfred loves Bruce like he would his own kid and the feelings are mutual between the pair.
“You really scared me, Master Bruce. If you die who employs butlers anymore?” – Alfred Pennyworth.
  • Jim looking completely done when Mayor James is telling them off for investigating Lovecraft. One thing Jim is amazing at is facial expressions. Even Harvey Dent seems completely done with him, although he’s a lot more reserved.
  • Jim losing his position is interesting. He clearly doesn’t care, he did the right thing going after Lovecraft and continuing on with the Wayne case, and he knows it. The fact that he’s been moved to work at Arkham can’t be easy, he didn’t sign on for that, but he does it anyway because there’s no way he’s going to sit back and let the corruption in Gotham and the GCPD win.

“Mayor James. Kiss my ass.” – Jim Gordon.

  • Ed coming up to Jim and saying that he’s going to write a letter to the boss about Jim losing his position is the greatest. That hug as well just says so much about Ed and their relationship.
  • The handshake and the offer of a drink between Jim and Bullock really shows the progression of their relationship since they first met.
  • Selina showing up at Wayne manor because she and Bruce never got to say goodbye. Also, Selina giving the things she took back and then kissing Bruce before sneaking off.
  • Alfred and Bruce talking about Selina once she’s gone. It’s nice to see Alfred’s opinion on Selina change slightly because she makes Bruce happy.