This post contains SPOILERS.

gotham 1x11 title
‘Gotham’ [Credit: Fox]
  •  I love how the singing from the play at Arkham Asylum continued to play over clips of other characters. It was surprisingly content, although I was just waiting for something to go wrong.
  • Jim being completely done with Director Lang, and honestly, I can’t blame him. There was clearly nothing Jim could have done to stop the fights from breaking out, and it’s obvious Lang just doesn’t like him because even when the nurse says it was her fault he continues to go after Jim.
  • The introduction of Leslie Thompkins, also known as Lee. I do love her introduction and the conversation she has with Jim. She’s a personal favourite of mine, but just, in general, she’s a pretty awesome character.
  • Selina finding Ivy sick and curled up in the alley was really sad, but I loved how Selina couldn’t just leave her there and chose to help. I also love that the place she decided to take Ivy to was Barbara’s apartment.
  • Once again Oswald gets hit. Although I did really like this scene on the docks. At this point he’s not quite as untouchable as he thinks, but I love that he continues to act that way.
“Inflation is a bitch.”
  • I honestly don’t remember much about this Director from my previous watches of this episode and I’m kind of glad really.
  • “Look at me, Steven. Look at me. Tell me the truth.” Jim Gordon’s investigative skills at their best.

  • I love Fish a lot and that whole hypothetical discussion was great, right until that bit at the end where Jimmy and Butch share a look.
  • I find it really amusing that Jim is set up on the stage to question inmates. I also love how it turned into some sort of montage.
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‘Gotham’ [Credit: Fox]
  •  That shot of Selina on the rooftop was really nice.
  • Knowing Butch and Jimmy go way back kept my concerns because we don’t know exactly what that means and how close they are. After Fish is skeptical he gives another look, but this one, like the previous one, do look like he’s not completely with okay with whatever is about to go down.
  • That shot of the patient banging on the gate was a little creepy.
  • Lee saying she’s perfectly capable of taking care of herself, and also later teasing Jim.
  • Of course the Director doesn’t believe Jim’s suspicions that it could be a staff member shocking patients, I’m not really surprised, to be honest. It was also not a surprise when Jim revealed he had already called the cops.
  • Oh, Barbara. I care about her so much and it’s so heartbreaking to see her story from the start again.
  • Harvey showing up at Arkham Asylum is one of my favourite scenes of the whole show. His little “Alright, I can dig that.” when the inmate recites the play and his hugging Jim and kissing his cheek are a couple of reasons why I love this scene. I also love that Harvey is standing up to the Director and siding with Jim. Generally, Jim and Harvey work together so well during that scene it’s hilarious.
gotham 1x11 harvey bullock.png
‘Gotham’ [Credit: Fox]
  • The Butch and Jimmy conversation at the docks was interesting. My concerns were still there, but I never really know what to expect with this show half the time.
  • Oswald in the cell was really amusing. Not only was it actually funny, but it’s a new situation for Oswald to be stuck in that begs the question, “how will he get out?”
  • Fish choosing to take Butch’s optimism as a good thing really made my heart melt.
  • Harvey questioning the Director. He’s surprisingly chill, perhaps it’s his inner Jim Gordon (although Jim isn’t very chill these days, it’s like they’re the perfect blend of each other).
  • I don’t know how to feel about the nurse, she’s a little unsettling, but she’s also really nice. Turns out I had every right to be concerned. Although I wasn’t expecting it to be revealed that she was, in fact, an inmate. This is why re-watching Gotham has been fun. I remember most things, but little details like this I had forgotten. Her getting trampled was really horrible though.
  • I love Jim’s authority voice when he was trying to keep the inmates at bay while Lee looked for the right key.
  • I love the scenes between Jim, Harvey, and Essen (and the ones that include Ed!) This one was pretty adorable too!
  • Oswald asleep in the cell was so cute. His interaction with Maroni was interesting too. It’s not unusual to see others attempting to bring Oswald down a peg or two and most of the time it seems like it works, but in this case, the look Oswald gives when Maroni has turned away just shows that he’s really not backing down.
gotham 1x11 gabe oswald cobblepot
‘Gotham’ [Credit: Fox]
  • I remembered Jack Gruber was somehow involved, although mostly because I remember another episode he’s in. There’s something a little unsettling about him that made him a really good villain.
  • Recently Drew Powell talked about how it would be interesting to know more about Butch’s past, and with episodes like this, I absolutely agree! Also, Butch shooting Jimmy made me squeal a little! I knew he didn’t completely turn on Fish, but I couldn’t remember if he wavered so to have him kill Jimmy was a wonderful thing to witness.